Keir MacDonald

I am a senior software engineer. Ten years of professional experience, first class CS degree.


First-class Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Royal Holloway, University of London.

I gained a comprehensive knowledge of software development, algorithms and networking, as well as an overview of databases, operating systems, physics simulation, 3D graphics, compilers and embedded systems.

I averaged first-class marks in every year, and won a scholarship prize.


Senior software developer well-experienced in C# .NET development and C DSP programming.

At my day job I develop and maintain an ASP.NET web application hosted on Azure cloud infrastructure. I work on all aspects of the software stack, from SQL database (and Entity Framework) through backend, and frontend with TypeScript, Bootstrap and KnockoutJS.

In past roles I have worked on desktop applications interfacing with hardware and real-time DSP code in C.

I always seek to develop the team as well as the product, mentoring colleagues and ensuring development best practices to make workflow as smooth and reliable as possible.

I enjoy crafting clean, elegant code. To see a little of my code, have a look at my GitHub profile.

Outside of work

On my own time I like to try my hand at other technologies.

When not coding, I play computer games, listen to indie music, and enjoy a night on the town!

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